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Each year, around 100 million animals are bred and killed on fur farms to supply the fashion industry.

4 million of these animals are trapped right here in Canada. The majority of these animals suffer in small battery cages. 

Canada’s fur farm industry is fairly unregulated by the government, meaning information regarding factories remains elusive to the public. According to Statistics Canada in 2018, there were 98 fox farms and 27 mink farms in the country. 

By signing this pledge I am supporting the movement to BAN FUR FARMS on both a provincial and federal level in Canada.

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Thanks to activists, major brands have gone fur-free! Now it’s time to call on politicians to ban fur farms. Did you know that fur farms are subsidized by Canadian taxpayers? It’s time to end our government’s support of fur farms.





On Fur Free Friday (November 26, 2021) we took to the streets with the help of individual activists and animal rights organizations in over 12 cities around the world to #MakeFurFarmsHistory. 

Check out the inspiring images from these demonstrations! 



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Real Fur is an investigative educational

documentary about the true cost of fur

in the fashion industry. It follows

Taimoor Choudhry on his transformative journey to understand why people risk their lives for animals.


& celebrities
who support Making Fur Farms History


Alissa White-Gluz

Singer Songwriter


Tim Gunn

Fashion Icon


Georges Laraque

Former NHL Star


Meagan Duhamel

Olympic Figure Skater


Jann Arden

Singer-songwriter / Author


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